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Mutuality and Priscilla Papers Call for Articles and Art

Mutuality magazine is currently accepting article queries for the autumn issue “Children of God.”

Article ideas include but are not limited to: How convictions about biblical equality and gender justice apply to raising children • Egalitarian approaches to helping kids develop healthy gender identities • Modeling equality for our kids • The importance of investing in the next generation • Egalitarian approaches to family devotions • What it means for men and women to be children of God • Voices of young people working for gender justice.

The “Children of God” issue would also like to feature art created by young people and children. Art submissions should be colorful and focus on themes of God, gender and ethnic equality, and/or children. High resolution versions must be available.

Contact Megan at mgreulich (at) cbeinternational (dot) org with article queries or art submissions. Article query deadline is June 11.

In addition, Priscilla Papers journal is searching for academic articles on the Trinity and gender, particularly from female authors. Send article submissions to cbe (at) cbeinternational (dot) org.

Thank you!



  1. Becky Virta
    Comment #86617 posted June 5, 2008 at 5:47 pm

    I once read an article in Priscilla Papers, I believe it was by Catherine Kroeger, which referenced an ancient statue of Persephone showing lots of little heads waiting to be born. The idea was that this art from the ancient Greeks showed that head meant soul. I have searched but haven’t seen an image of this. I would love to see photos of ancient art that sheds light on the use of Greek in the Bible.

    Just wanted to plant a thought if anyone has access to such things . . .

  2. Julie
    Comment #86622 posted June 7, 2008 at 4:34 am

    Don’t know if this is the article, but it maybe in PP’s Volume 1, issue 3 an article by Kroeger, “An Illustration of the Greek Notion of ‘Head’ as ‘Source’”, which can be downloaded from the Equality Depot, price $0.75. Maybe you can find out from there where the image can be viewed.
    Hope that helps.

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