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About The CBE Scroll

The CBE Scroll is an online extension of Christians for Biblical Equality’s ministry. For this reason, it adheres to CBE’s core purpose: “To broadly communicate the biblical truth that men and women are equally responsible to use their God-given gifts to further Christ’s kingdom.”

While the blog supports the broader mission of CBE, this form of communication also has a unique place within CBE’s larger vision and we trust it will be of value in these areas

  • Appeal to an increasingly technological world, particularly younger generations
  • Reach a larger range of people around the globe
  • Provide a forum for dialog between many voices
  • Allow for up-to-date comments on current events
  • Promote personal reflections on daily occurrences

The CBE Scroll serves as a primary source of content on biblical equality for all people on the web and provides a place for people to discuss various topics around biblical equality, including theological and cultural aspects. It seeks to be a gracious, positive, biblical environment that emphasizes research and positive reflection rather than negative reactions to others. Through The CBE Scroll, CBE hopes to inform and clarify, for a variety of audiences, what biblical equality is and how God is changing the world through its message.