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Surprised by Scripture?

I’m reading N.T. Wright’s latest popular installment entitled Surprised by Scripture and chapter 4, “The Biblical Case for Ordaining Women”, caught my attention. Having previously read his stance, I expected not to be “surprised.” Though I wasn’t “shocked, amazed, stupefied, or bewildered” (all synonyms of “surprise”), I did get another picture, of sorts, about Galatians 3:28 […]

Different but Equal? Giving Words their Real Meaning

The following is adapted from the President’s Column from the Winter 2008 issue of Mutuality, titled “Redemption.” If you like what you read, consider subscribing or purchasing a CBE membership. Mimi Haddad is the president of Christians for Biblical Equality. She holds a PhD in historical theology from the University of Durham, England and an Honorary Doctorate of Divinity from Palmer […]

More Thoughts on the Divine Gender . . .

It seems as though the topic of divine gender is spawning a great deal of conversation and debate these days. Amidst all the opinions, the calm observations and the fiery rhetoric there’s been a great deal of labeling going on. The word ‘heretic’ has been thrust about with overzealous piety and an antagonistic agenda that merely […]

Jesus Invites A Woman to Correct His Disciples’ Attitude of Hierarchy

In the passage below, what is Jesus doing? What is the purpose of his engagement with the Canaanite woman?  21Leaving that place, Jesus withdrew to the region of Tyre and Sidon. 22A Canaanite woman from that vicinity came to him, crying out, “Lord, Son of David, have mercy on me!” My daughter is suffering terribly […]

The Historical Fallacy of an Inconsistent Ethical Evaluation

One states, “It has not been the practice of the church that women can be bishops.” The other responds, “Well, what about Bishop Theodora?” Perhaps you are familiar with such a conversation. One presents a practice in church history, and the other responds by giving a counter-example. Both are responding according to the logic that […]

Biblical Love Should Not Be Determined by Gender

Our pastor is beginning a new ministry series for the new year. He feels constrained by the Spirit to speak on the love of God and how our being loved by God should impact upon our ability to genuinely love others. In the introductory message he touched on some texts that really got me thinking […]

True Story

That same day two of them were walking to the village of Emmaus, about seven miles out of Jerusalem. They were deep in conversation, going over all these things that had happened. In the middle of their talk and questions, Jesus came up and walked along with them, but they were not able to recognise […]

Effective Preaching

As a whole, the church seems to have an inadequate theology on preaching. Preaching, we’re implicitly told, is standing behind a pulpit and delivering a three point, thirty minute sermon. All three features (location, methodology, and time) seem to be rather important in defining when a person actually preaches. Thus, when a woman stands somewhere […]