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Modeling Gender Equality in Children’s Stories

I recently watched a TED Talk by Colin Stokes called “How movies teach manhood.” The ideas expressed in this talk struck a chord in me and got me thinking about the role models—and the villains—we present to children. Far too often the villains are women—wicked witches, evil sorceresses, evil queens, and evil step mothers. And […]

Do the Five Love Languages Love Women Too? (Part 1 of 2)

I haven’t thought much about Gary Chapman’s The Five Love Languages in a long time, but recently my Family Life Education class did a presentation on this subject.  I tend to see most evangelical book empires of that sort as an attempt by publishers to cash in on an author’s popularity, and I am not a big […]

Can Girls Be Smart and Popular?

When teaching a college gender studies course, students are often surprised to learn of what researcher L. A. Bell calls the “smart versus social” dilemma, meaning that as early as elementary school, girls seem to feel that they have to choose between being smart and having relationships. Laura Roberts & Anne Petersen of Lafayette College also […]

Is Gender Stereotyping Hurting Boys Academically?

According to a well-known Christian author, the feminization of schools is to blame for the decreasing grades and academic skill levels of boys over the past few decades. The implication is that a feminizing of schools has redesigned them to teach girls more effectively than boys. Jim Trelease, who advocates for improving children’s literacy, has […]

Lessons from the Blue Parakeet

When most of us egalitarians have a friend with questions about women in ministry, we offer them one of a few classic books.  We give them Gilbert Bilizekian’s Beyond Sex Roles or one of the multi-views books published by InterVarsity Press or Zondervan or perhaps (if we’re really creative!) refer them to an article on […]

New film portrays Jesus through eyes of woman disciple

Kudos to the people at The Jesus Film Project for their latest release, Magdalena: Released from Shame. I have not yet seen the film, but according to a Christianity Today reviewer, Magdalena “combines footage from the original Jesus film with new material emphasizing Christ’s compassion for women.” Apparently the purpose of the new film is […]

Last Call for Survey Help

Barb from Langley, BC, who has been conducting research among Christians who have recovered from experiences of emotional and spiritual distress under authoritarian and controlling church leaders has made one last call for those who still might like to participate in her survey. The original post, with contact information, may be found here. The results […]