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Some Reflections on Genesis 1-3 and a Critique of an Egalitarian Interpretation

Dr. Richard S. Hess, Earl S. Kalland Professor of Old Testament and Semitic Languages at Denver Seminary, contributed a chapter studying Genesis 1-3 in the volume on Discovering Biblical Equality, IVP 2005, edited by Rebecca M. Groothuis and Ronald W. Pierce with Gordon D. Fee as a contributing editor. A critique of this article appeared […]

Revisiting the ‘Shack.’

I know it is some time since this book, written by William P. Young and published in 2007, was in the public gaze of the Christian community but I have only just read it. I find myself in agreement with the comment by Eugene Peterson, “This book has the potential to do for our generation […]

Personal Story

I have a dear precious friend who was walking to work one morning in the rural parts of a city somewhere in eastern Europe when along came one of her co-workers in a car with two other men. He saluted her and pulled over the car to ask her if she wanted a ride to […]

Gender roles display sin nature ?

In Genesis we read the description of how things would be between Eve & Adam after they had both disobeyed God’s direct command. No matter what translation we read, the end result is the same – the woman’s desire would be toward her husband and he would rule over her.  The woman would have increased […]

What is most important ?

Is gender the most important factor in the equation of life? Do you find yourself reluctant to attend women’s retreats because they tend to focus on things like fashion, women’s emotions, crafts,and new forms of stomach exercises? Are you confused by so-called Christian blogs for women, where again, the discussions center on fashion and emotions? […]

What is the significance of the “yet” found in 1 Tim. 2:12

The following is from the Online Greek Interlinear. This is the straight English translation of the Greek for 1st Timothy 2:12. TO-BE-TEACHING YET to-WOMAN NOT I-AM-permitting NOT-YET TO-BE-domineerING OF-MAN but TO-BE IN QUIETness Twice in this verse the word “yet” appears. However I have never found a version of the Bible that contains even one […]

Personal Story

When I think about my journey as a Christian I cannot separate it from my views on equality. As I have read personal stories of some on the CBE website I have noticed that most are about how those individuals came from a patriarchal viewpoint to an egalitarian one. My story is a bit different. […]

Has a church of gender division been created?

Possible reasons why we could answer yes to that question, not necessarily in order of importance. We encourage separate men’s and women’s meetings, rallies, conferences etc. We encourage separate men’s and women’s study Bibles and Bible helps. We encourage specialist speakers to separate male and female audiences. We encourage the genre of exclusive male to […]