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The Workaholic Mom?

“What pushes someone toward becoming a workaholic?” “What do we get out of spending too much time at work at the expense of our families?” These are the questions we pondered recently in a Sunday School class I attend. Answers ranged from the desire to provide for a family to employment insecurities to a desire […]

Our Heritage – Part 4

In writing this series, I have sought out accounts of brave women who may not be as well known within church circles. Here is another name which you may not recognise – Eleanor Chestnut. Eleanor was an unhappy child, lonely and hungry for a mother’s love. Her father abandoned her at birth and her mother […]

One Illustration – Two Points

Though it’s been over 20 years, I remember with clarity a college professor’s powerful illustration about the nature of Christian ministry. This professor, also a long-time minister and volunteer hospital chaplain, had been called upon to be a pastoral presence in two contrasting yet related situations: first, as a new mother promptly parted with her […]

Radio Interview

I recently heard a radio interview which intrigued me. It was with Dr. Geoffrey Burnstock, an Australian Neuro Scientist. In the year 2000 he was awarded the Royal Medal (also known as the Queen’s Medal, which was commenced in 1826) for his research into neurotransmission pathways. To cite the actual wording of the award: “In […]

London Police Seek Justice for Female Genital Mutilation Cases

Hurrah to London’s Metropolitan Police for upping their aggressive strategy to end female genital mutilation in the UK. The Guardian has the full story here on the new cash reward being offered – just before the summer holiday season when many girls are taken out of the country for the ‘ceremony,’ illegal in Britain – […]

The Subjection of Islamic Women

I would like to point out an article in The Weekly Standard by Christina Hoff Sommers, in the May 21, 2007 issue, called “The Subjection of Islamic Women and the Fecklessness of American Feminism.” The first paragraph reads as follows: “The subjection of women in Muslim societies–especially in Arab nations and in Iran–is today very […]

My Story is not a Unique One

I grew up a perfectionist, the oldest child in a middle class family. When report cards came out, I was upset for days if I got an A-. I wanted to do well at everything I did, and put in the extra work to make sure that happened. By the Holy Spirit’s empowering presence, I […]

A Study on Image Bearing

As Christians, we believe all human beings are of equal value and position in the kingdom of God because we are all created in his image (known as the imago Dei; see Genesis 1:27). Men and women bear this image equally and individually. That is why the discrimination or mistreatment or abuse of any person […]

Headship in the Bedroom

One of the most troubling aspects of a belief that a man can somehow be the “head” of a woman is what happens in the privacy of the homes of countless people with this viewpoint. If it is believed by both husband and wife that the man is “over” his wife, then it gives occasion […]

China Correcting Imbalance

It’s wonderful, and perhaps all too rare, when countries realize their mistakes and take steps to correct them. China Daily reports that the imbalance between the numbers of boys and girls in China is growing so severe that if left unchecked there will be 25 million men in China between 2015 and 2030 with no […]

Why Does Injustice Against Women Abound?

Poverty and injustice discriminate. And the health and well-being of women around the world suffer because of it. Many of us who live in privilege do not worry about their daughters being raped during war or being forced into prostitution. Many of us who live in privilege do not think about injustice and inequality at […]

Egalitarian Marriages Are Happier and Healthier

There is an excellent article on godswordtowomen.org called, “Empirical Data in Support of Egalitarian Marriages and A Fresh Perspective on Submission and Authority,” that reviews many scientific studies that all say that marriages that operate on the basis of equality are much more healthy than those that are hierarchical — in fact that hierarchical approaches […]

Holy Discontent

One of the problems with developing a concern (or anger!) over biblical equality is that it can hang over you like a cloud and drag you down in the dumps, make you feel moody, put other people out of sorts against you. How much more safe and sane to just attend your sweet little evangelical […]

(Trans)Gender and Science

In a Wall Street Journal article today, “He, Once a She, Offers Own View On Science Spat” [July 13, 2006; p. B1], Sharon Begley reports that Dr. Ben Barres has a specially unique viewpoint on the issue of whether women make good scientists. Barres, in today’s issue of Nature, strongly disagrees with the “Larry Summers […]

Beauty, Cosmetic Surgery and Christians

A missionary friend spoke with me this last week about beauty and the cosmetic industry. While on sabbatical at the University in Winnipeg, he wrote about this topic for one of his courses. I was intrigued and quite provoked to think about this a lot more. He spoke with me about various psychological and emotional […]