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A Community Announcement

Will here, administrator of The CBE Scroll this past year. I am writing to let you, the community of the Scroll, know that I will no longer be serving blog administrator, as I will be stepping away from employment at CBE and taking the time necessary to complete my translation into the Eastern Orthodox Church […]

Egalitarian Summary Help Needed

CBE was recently contacted by Paula Fether, who has working to assemble a wiki-type document, here, attempting to provide a concise summary of egalitarianism. She is looking for people to help contribute to and edit/critique the summary. If you would be interested in helping with this, please get in contact with her by using the […]

Some Things Biblical Feminists Do Not Believe

In following up a link which was quoted in a previous article, I read again other people’s statements about what we believe. I am troubled by this misinformation and would like to record these corrections for all complementarians who read this site, and for the encouragement to all who believe in true biblical equality. 1. […]

A Study on Image Bearing

As Christians, we believe all human beings are of equal value and position in the kingdom of God because we are all created in his image (known as the imago Dei; see Genesis 1:27). Men and women bear this image equally and individually. That is why the discrimination or mistreatment or abuse of any person […]

Gender as a Weapon

Two weeks ago, the story of Mary Lambert became major national news. The audacity of firing an older woman from her long held position as Sunday school teacher based on her gender angered many. Since the initial report, the church and the pastor have tried to give a fuller picture of the situation. Conflict between […]


Every organization says they want feedback. It helps the leadership to finetune its knowledge of what the members want and may even uncover the next new thing or important next development. Members in organizations like knowing what their colleagues are thinking and experiencing and such communication helps them to develop professionally and may even change […]