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Comment Guidelines

A team of CBE member bloggers makes the main postings on The CBE Scroll. However, CBE encourages both members and non-members to contribute comments to its blog, which will be moderated and posted by CBE blog staff throughout the week. Moderating these posts is not meant to prevent varying opinions from being expressed, but rather to preserve The CBE Scroll from being used for harsh, disrespectful, or inappropriate purposes. Please refer to the CBE guidelines, below, for our CBE-wide guide to irenic discussion. You do not have to agree with CBE’s mission to contribute comments to this blog, but only those contributions that further the purpose of this blog “to promote irenic, sincere and intelligent discussion” will be posted. We ask, as with most blogs, that you follow the rules below. Any violations will either be severely edited or deleted.

1. Do not abuse
The first rule of blogging is to refrain from attacking others. Intelligent dialogue is encouraged — winning a fight is not. Do not attack, insult, or defame or use jargon, slang, or abbreviations when referring to people or groups or to anyone contributing to this blog or the community to which they belong. Rude or disrespectful speech will not be included for public viewing.

2. Stay with the discussion
Please keep all comments related to the discussion at hand. Do not use the comment feature to reprimand other contributors. All complaints should be directed to the administrators. Do not use the blog to maintain personal relationships; contact the person directly. Do not troll. Trolling is the deliberate baiting of another through a diatribe or outlandish comment, for the sake of stealing time and space and starting an argument.

3. Do not spam
Commercial messages will be removed immediately and the relevant website links or emails will be reported to the ISP or host. Kind or hostile comments without relevant content will not be published. Do not include more than two links in your comment, including the link to your own blog, or your comment will be selected out as spam.

4. Use appropriate language and illustrations
No profanity is permitted. Do not include pornographic material (links, images, text, etc.).Slang and abbreviations should not be used. Generalizations about groups of people should be avoided. All people and groups should receive dignified treatment. Please refer to groups of people as they have asked to be identified, for example complementarians or African-Americans.

5. Keep it original
Do not post copyrighted materials. You may have very brief quotes if they are in quotation marks and if the source is cited. Assume all web page content is copyrighted.

6. Do not impersonate
Do not comment under the name of someone else. Commenting anonymously with your own handle is permitted.

7. Help us
Help keep this blog running smoothly by reporting violators of these rules. Report spammers and trolls to the administrators if any get through the editing process. When you identify a troll, ignore them. To engage them is to encourage them.

If you would like to be considered for the pool of regular contributors who make regular posts and you are a CBE member, or to offer a one-time contribution whether you are a member or not, please contact the Administrators.