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I'm passionate about justice for all and am a defender of those who can't speak for themselves. In looking back, this is how I was as a young child at school when seeing others being teased. I have always known that every person is special and greatly loved by God. Have been married to Trevor for 48 years and have 4 grown sons. Being retired gives us opportunity to be more available to our family including our eight grandchildren. Whether it's travelling across Australia with our caravan to visit one of our sons and his family or just camping in our tent, we love the simple life of enjoying creation in this wonderful country of Australia. In our ministry life of 35 years, we had been concerned about equality but for much of that time had no access to informed theological thought. CBE is important because of its continuing resourcefulness and encouragement to Christians in all walks of life.The goal of CBE is to educate on how the bible promotes equality and to empower people to work for justice. I believe that the work done at CBE by staff, members, and friends is redemptive to both individuals and communities. I am excited and honored to be a part of the Kingdom of God through the work of the CBE Scroll.

An Observation

It doesn’t take long before everyone who meets me is aware that I don’t like stereotyping and avoid it strenuously and yet……I have observed that often in families where there are children of both genders, the girls seem to be the more responsible ones, often to the annoyance of brothers who are being ‘bossed around’ […]

Our Heritage – Part 5

Antoinette Brown was born in a log cabin in New York and was moved by the ministry of Charles Finney when she was six years old and joined the Congregational church at age nine. Excelling in school and graduating from college in 1847, she created a stir when she returned for graduate studies in theology. […]

Our Heritage – Part 4

In writing this series, I have sought out accounts of brave women who may not be as well known within church circles. Here is another name which you may not recognise – Eleanor Chestnut. Eleanor was an unhappy child, lonely and hungry for a mother’s love. Her father abandoned her at birth and her mother […]

Our Heritage – Part 3

Ecclesiastes chapter 9 verse 10 says “Work hard at whatever you do” and the person featured in this post was perhaps the hardest working woman of her time.  Amanda Smith was born into slavery in Maryland on January 23rd 1837 and her father, Samuel Berry worked tirelessly to free his children. Samuel made brooms by […]

Our Heritage – Part 2

Women are as tough as nails when it comes to working for Christ as George Fox realised when he began the Quaker movement in the 1600s. From the beginning, he welcomed women preachers. His first convert was a well-to-do middle-aged mother named Elizabeth Hooton from Nottingham England. She soon became the Quakers’ first woman preacher. Her […]

Our Heritage – Part 1

I love reading about the history of the church. Even though there have been many horrific times of Christians persecuting each other and huge moral failures, the church is our family, our heritage. Along with the disgraceful behaviours are the countless acts of selflessness, courage and steadfastness in face of huge opposition. Many of those […]

The First Nativity Scene ?

Just read an account of part of the life of St. Francis of Assisi who was known for his simple life and itinerant preaching. What I didn’t know was that on December 24th 1223, Francis found a cave near Greccio, Italy and brought in animals traditionally associated with the birth of Christ. He built a […]

One Woman’s Persistence on Thanksgiving

Was the first Thanksgiving really held by pilgrims shortly after the Mayflower anchored at Plymouth? Texans claim the first Thanksgiving in America was proclaimed in Palo Duro Canyon by Padre De Cadilla for Coronado’s troops in 1541, 79 years before the pilgrims. At any rate, Thanksgiving as an annual national holiday was slow in coming. […]