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Megan is a graduate from Bethel University and is currently living in Saint Paul, MN. She is the editor of Mutuality magazine and serves as CBE's membership coordinator. Megan loves psychology, art, and social justice. She also enjoys all kinds of baking and cake decorating. "I want to be a part of a Church that is breaking down barriers and resisting stereotypes, because this is the example that Christ left us. We have the responsibility and the joy to make equality between all people a reality, and I am thankful that I can share this vision with those connected to CBE."

Motherhood and Vocation


Is motherhood a big enough vocation? Seriously? Is this question a joke? Motherhood is a huge vocation, so perhaps a better question might be, “Has motherhood become an all-consuming vocation?” What is vocation? The central idea of vocation is that each person has been created by God with gifts and abilities that are to be […]

Subverting Injustice


Dozens of cities battle prostitution through a program called “john school,” a program designed to educate first-time “johns,” or male solicitors of prostitutes, about the negative consequences of prostitution. This includes learning about sex workers themselves. In 2009, CNN reported on a Nashville man who found himself in tears after hearing the story of a […]

An Egalitarian Examination of “Courageous” the Movie

(Movie spoiler alert!) First off, Courageous (the most recent movie release from Sherwood Baptist Church, the makers of Fireproof) is far from a terrible movie. There are very funny scenes. The characters wrestle with real life struggles. It resists the hyper-sexualization of females that runs rampant in Hollywood movies. It touts important values like integrity, […]

Special $15 Membership Sale

Through February 23, CBE e-memberships are on sale for only $15! Will you help us spread the word? Please send this to your loved ones, church leaders, and students. And, if you’re not already a member of CBE, this is a great opportunity to receive the benefits of membership at a low cost. Thanks! Join […]

Reviewing Christian Dating Books

I have read a lot of Christian dating books. A lot. I started reading them in high school, as a new Christian. And then when I became passionate about biblical equality, I read even more, in order to analyze their teachings on gender. Through my reading, I have found that the vast majority of books […]

Mutuality and Priscilla Papers Call for Articles and Art

Mutuality magazine is currently accepting article queries for the autumn issue “Children of God.” Article ideas include but are not limited to: How convictions about biblical equality and gender justice apply to raising children • Egalitarian approaches to helping kids develop healthy gender identities • Modeling equality for our kids • The importance of investing […]

A Call for Articles on ‘Resolving Conflicts’

Mutuality is now accepting articles (and discussion surrounding the issue) for the Summer 2008 issue on ‘Resolving Conflicts.’ Topic ideas include, but are not limited to: How convictions about biblical equality and gender justice apply to resolving conflict Biblical alternatives to ‘the tie-breaking-vote’ model of conflict resolution by female submission to male headship The importance […]

A Call for Articles on ‘Home Economics’

Mutuality  is now accepting articles (and discussion surrounding the issue) for the Spring 2008 issue on ‘Home Economics.’ Topic ideas include, but are not limited to: How convictions about biblical equality and gender justice apply to every day home life Biblical reflections: Christ as the head of our homes; being part of the family of God; […]

A Call for Papers

The online journal E-Quality is seeking papers for its upcoming issue, themed ‘Youth Groups and Equality.’ In it, we hope to provide practical resources for youth workers and parents as they address biblical equality with their students. Article ideas include, but are not limited to: 1. What are the unique needs of our students today? […]

Mutuality Magazine and E-Quality Journal—Call for Papers

Mutuality publishes feature articles for evangelical lay readers on topics related to biblical equality and justice. The theme for our Spring 2007 issue is “Advocacy versus Apathy.” In this issue we would like to remind Christians about why it’s important to take a stand on issues even when doing so may not serve our own […]

“Set Apart,” but is it by Fear?

A prominent sociologist on evangelicals, Sally Gallagher, has much to say to egalitarians in her article, The Marginalization of Evangelical Feminism. She questions, when 56% of evangelical women are employed outside the home and when many evangelical marriages are egalitarian in practice, why evangelicals as a whole have still rejected mutuality and partnership between the […]