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Comment moderation

Hello folks, I’m Rob the tech admin of The Scroll. Some of you have noticed that your comments don’t immediately post to the blog anymore, and are now more faithfully moderated per CBE’s policy: Moderating these posts is not meant to prevent varying opinions from being expressed, but rather to preserve The CBE Scroll from […]

CBE Conference Notes, Day Two

Well the CBE conference is over, like a whirlwind, so I’m catching up with some posts about the last two days. The Saturday sessions we chose were filled with in-depth historical examinations of empowered women in the Church. Starting with Mimi Haddad’s excellent lecture on ontology, gender, and women’s authority in the church, we looked […]

Notes from the 10th International Conference

Greetings, bloggers, from the Denver CBE Conference! First, a little introduction is in order. Hello, I’m Rob. And I’m an egalitarian. Until now, I’ve only supported The Scroll from behind the curtain with occasional technical issues. Many kudos to Marissa, Megan, and Will for their dedication to the blog! But now, I’ve been asked to […]