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Married to Liz for 48 years and together we have 4 sons who have in turn produced 8 grandchildren. We served in ministry together in the one church for 35 years in Western Australia. Mostly ministered among people who didn't fit into ordinary church life and loved to see people radically changed as Christ worked His mercy, forgiveness and grace into them from the inside out. We are now retired which has freed us to serve the Lord in whatever capacity is open to us, presently as administrators of the Scroll, and a continuing interest in the plight of suffering Christians through Voice of the Martyrs (Australia). In our leisure time we love to explore more of this vast Australian landscape. Walking on the beach and swimming, in season, is a must for daily exercise. That translates into bush walking, in our winter months, on our world renowned, West Australian, Bibbulmun Track whenever possible. We have 1 son in pastoral ministry and like to visit their church whenever possible to catch up with their family of 3 boys. We want to just be there for all our grandchildren, ages ranging from 7 to 18. We discovered CBE through the writings of Rebecca Merrill Groothuis. It was incredibly important at the time because we were unaware there was a body of literature and like-minded believers out there. We have been blessed to attend 3 CBE conferences since 2003, Florida, St Louis and Melbourne which has further strengthened our ties with CBE and involvement with the Scroll, its writers and commenters.

Wives, ‘Respect’ Your Husbands

From time to time we hear of the responsibilities outlined in Ephesians 5 verses 22 – 33 concerning husbands and wives respectively. Often the language gets reduced to a catch phrase like, “women want to be loved and men need respect.” It is as if this phrase defines all women and all men for all […]

Biblical Love Should Not Be Determined by Gender

Our pastor is beginning a new ministry series for the new year. He feels constrained by the Spirit to speak on the love of God and how our being loved by God should impact upon our ability to genuinely love others. In the introductory message he touched on some texts that really got me thinking […]

Additional Modern Marriage Concerns

I would like make some additional observations on the topic of Modern Marriage Concerns by taking up a statement I made in the closing paragraphs of a previous post on this subject. “I for one do not want to go back to gender hierarchy but I can readily understand it if my complementarian friends are […]

Modern Marriage Concerns

It would seem that my wife and I have come from a vastly different background to modern-day egalitarians who have grown up in a more secular egalitarian culture. What I mean by that is that we arrived at a stance of biblical equality after having been deeply enculturated in evangelical conservatism. While the church in […]

Radio Interview

I recently heard a radio interview which intrigued me. It was with Dr. Geoffrey Burnstock, an Australian Neuro Scientist. In the year 2000 he was awarded the Royal Medal (also known as the Queen’s Medal, which was commenced in 1826) for his research into neurotransmission pathways. To cite the actual wording of the award: “In […]

Egalitarian Husbands

Something has just resonated with me that may relate to other husbands within egalitarian marriages so I will put it out there for your interest and comment. Within complementarian marriages it is expected that men should take the lead, in both the family and church, because they believe that they are biblically mandated to do […]

An ‘aha’ moment

Recently Liz and I visited one of our sons (who is the senior pastor of a beachside resort town church) and his family for a weekend. The last time we were there, about 2 months ago, we heard him begin a series on foundations in Genesis where he touched on men and women as God […]

Majoring on the majors

At our local church the pastor has been preaching his way thematically through the Gospel of Matthew and just recently touched on some verses that sparked an idea for a post. While he didn’t spend a lot of time on the Transfiguration, somehow, as he was speaking about this and directing our thoughts forward to […]

Your ‘desire’ shall be for your husband.

Some 10-15 years ago a ministry colleague excitedly shared with me that he had heard of a new take on the word ‘desire’ in respect to the pronouncement of God to the woman in the garden of Eden. Genesis 3:16b,”… and though your ‘desire’ will be for your husband, he will rule over you.” (NLT) […]

Momentarily Persuaded

From the very beginning of our ministry life together my wife (Liz) and I have had an egalitarian approach to both marriage and ministry. Way back then we were unaware of the extensive body of literature available that supports such a stance and so it was more of a preferred and personal way of doing […]

Letter to a friend: Paul Washer Sermon

This was my first response to a friend who was inspired by the American revivalist preacher, Paul Washer, in his series on “What it takes to be a man.”  My friend and I are still discussing this issue, but you may wish to comment after viewing, or listening to the sermon content yourself here. Managed […]

Sticking Point

We have a situation where recently, at the church where one of our sons and his family attend, the senior minister felt called to resign and accept a teaching position at a Theological college. Some years previously this same Baptist Church had agreed to inviting persons to become a part of the Pastoral team on […]

Revisiting the ‘Shack.’

I know it is some time since this book, written by William P. Young and published in 2007, was in the public gaze of the Christian community but I have only just read it. I find myself in agreement with the comment by Eugene Peterson, “This book has the potential to do for our generation […]

Has a church of gender division been created?

Possible reasons why we could answer yes to that question, not necessarily in order of importance. We encourage separate men’s and women’s meetings, rallies, conferences etc. We encourage separate men’s and women’s study Bibles and Bible helps. We encourage specialist speakers to separate male and female audiences. We encourage the genre of exclusive male to […]

Trinity Debate

It has come to our attention that there is to be a debate on the Trinity between two staunch proponents of hierarchy, namely Wayne Grudem and Bruce Ware and two theologians of apparent egalitarian persuasion, Tom McCall and Keith Yandell. The following announcement was made by the Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. The Carl F.H. Henry […]

The Value of Reason

So often those of us who would consider it legitimate to interpret Scripture with due consideration being given to the historical culture and context, especially in the issues relating to Biblical equality, are accused of not being true to the literal text. By posing such questions of the text we are said to be resorting […]

Mystery – A Defense of Mutual Submission within Marriage

In that classic Bible passage on marriage (Eph. 5:21-33) so often used, or alluded to in the marriage ceremony, the narrative closes with the admonition, “this is a great mystery, but it is an illustration of the way Christ and the Church are one.” (vs. 32 NLB) The mystery would appear to be, from the […]